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Cost Effective Mobile Surveying Systems for the Built Environment

Commercial & Residential building surveyors can get a huge reduction in survey project time & costs, with a range of purpose-built survey templates & reporting solutions for every property sector.

Built Environment Building Surveying Projects

We have the very best mobile data collection software available, providing comprehensive surveys of building attributes for import into ANY building asset management system. We have worked on many complex and varied mobile data collection projects since 2001.

Our pre-built asset surveys are scalable for managing few hundred properties to many thousands - and best of all it is very affordable and customisable. Knowing the diverse needs of the built environment industry, we can confidently deliver a survey template tailored to your exact requirements.

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Complete Surveying Solution

We can also provide a complete solution, whether it is for a complete hospital mobilisation project, a commercial campus survey, or just a set of commercial or residential buildings.

One of our unique services is the ability to customise our standard surveying templates very quickly to suit your exact needs, no other company can react as quickly as we do.

Whilst we specialise in building data collection surveys we are also very experienced in socio-economic surveys such as labour force and census projects.

Cost Effective Mobile Surveying Systems

Our costs are lower than most other companies offering mobile data systems, because we use leading edge Android mobile technologies, the highest quality reporting software, and modern methods of mobile working.

You get your first survey template free of charge with your initial monthly or annual software subscription, but you can easily add extra templates depending on the type of surveying work you are doing.

And of course all support, online training, unlimited survey data databases, and unlimited survey reports are included in every subscription. You will not get any hidden costs or follow-on costs from us - we offer a complete all-in-one package.

Fully Managed Projects or Partial Collaboration

If you need us to we can manage your complete mobile data collection project from beginning to end, or provide you with software to do it yourself. We have successfully competed hundreds of surveying projects since 2001, both large and small, in a wide range of industries.

Asset Management System Imports

We can provide the missing mobile data collection components that most housing management systems sadly lack.

We can offer you a survey template to collect data for any system and export the data in the exact format your target system needs. This is very popular with surveying practices because they can use just ONE data collection tool to satisfy all their clients.

Some of the asset management systems we can work with are listed below.

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Cost Effective Mobile Surveying Systems for the Built Environment